25 Delicious Easter Sunday Filipino Recipes

April 15, 2017
(Last Updated On: April 15, 2017)

25 Delicious Easter Sunday Filipino Recipes

It is Easter season so get ready for a weekend of heavy eating.  This Lenten season is usually a long vacation for the whole family and a chance to get together and enjoy a delicious meal on Easter Sunday. Most families celebrate this event in the Beach or Mountain Resorts.

I have collected here a number of popular Filipino Foods that you can share with your family.

25 Delicious Easter Sunday Filipino Recipes

1] Lumpia Shanghai Recipe is a favorite finger food by Filipinos, influenced by the Chinese and originally called lunpia; it is a type of egg roll filled with meat.

lumpia shanghai

2] Ube Langkasuy Icebox Cake RecipeNo baking required for this fruity-licious chilled dessert. Just layer some graham crackers, fill it with cream mixed with ube extract and condensed milk and top with ‘langka’ or jackfruit and ‘kasuy’ or cashews.

ube langkasoy icebox cake

3] Mango Float Recipe is easy to make and very delicious Filipino dessert, it is a favorite dessert in any occasion and the ingredients are not expensive.

mango float

4] Filipino Pork Barbeque Skewers Recipe is an appetizing food and everybody loves this, you can find it in every sidewalk here in the Philippines. Filipino’s eat this as a snack, a meal or simply as pulutan.

pork bbq

5] Filipino Fried Chicken Recipe is a deep fried chicken dish with a Filipino touch and the preparation is fast and easy.

Filipino Fried Chicken

6] Kalderetang Baka Recipe is one of the classic Filipino dishes served by many household in regular days or special occasions. This traditional food is cooked with tender beef, potatoes, and carrots stewed in tomato sauce.

kalderetang baka

7] Pork Menudo Recipe is a delectable dish composed of pork stew combined with liver cubes, garbanzos or chickpeas, potatoes, tomato sauce and many spices.

pork menudo

8] Pancit Sotanghon Guisado Recipe is one of the favorite savory noodle cuisines of the Filipinos. Sotanghon is served only on special occasions because this mungbean noodle or Pancit Sotanghon is more expensive than other Filipino noodles.sotanghon guisado


9] Arroz Valenciana Recipe is great for family get-together, you can also find this dish in many karinderia or turo-turo stores in the Philippines.  It’s a complete meal, a one-dish meal of meat and shrimp, rice and vegetables, it’s healthy, too.

arroz Valenciana

10] Beef Tenderloin Tips Recipe is made with tenderloin beef then flavored with garlic, peppers and onions  combined with mushrooms, bell peppers and butter, these tender bits of beef make a fabulous one-dish meal to serve over rice.Beef Tenderloin Tips

11] Beef Kare-kare Recipe  is made from peanut sauce with a variety of vegetables, stewed oxtail, beef, and occasionally offal or tripe.  Meat variants may include goat meat, chicken or rarely fish. It is often eaten with bagoong (shrimp paste), sometimes spiced with chili, and sprinkled with calamansi juice.

beef kare kare

12] Brazo de Mercedes Recipe is a popular snack or merienda dessert in the Philippines, it is literally translates to “Mercedes Arms”, perhaps due to its elongated and arm like appearance.

Brazo de Mercedes

13] Black Sambo Recipe is a two layered gelatin (you can also prepare a 4 layer) made of creamy milk and Chocolate. You can use circular shape molds or rectangular, we used a rectangular shape mold for this preparation.

black sambo dessert

14] Lengua Estofado Recipe or sometimes called Estofada is made from ox tongue, cooked in tomato sauce, green olives, and mushrooms then often served with fried potatoes.

Lengua Estofado Recipe

15] Beef Mechado Recipe is an appetizing tomato based, beef stew dish similar to other Filipino cuisine like the Beef Caldereta, Afritada, Menudo and Estofado because of the tomato sauce which is the common ingredient used in this recipe.

Beef Mechado

16] Bringhe Recipe is usually served by Kapampangans, during special occasions like holidays and town fiestas to show hospitality to their guests.

Bringhe recipe

17] Butter, Garlic Shrimp Recipe is so easy and quick to prepare but tastes so good that many restaurants include this on their regular menu like the night markets, better known as “Dampa”.   This is the reason why some call this dish as Dampa Shrimp.

Butter Garlic Shrimp

18] Chili Mud Crab Recipe is a delectable seafood dish that will always leave you craving for more. You’ll eat more than your usual serving of rice once you get to taste it.

Chili Mud Crab Recipe

19] Chopsuey Recipe simply means “mixed pieces” since it is cooked with various combinations of bite-size stir fried veggies in a thickened starchy sauce. Chopsuey Recipe

20] Stuffed Squid Recipe is a whole squid stuffed with shrimp and crab meat combinations covered with a tomato wine sauce.

21] Filipino Style Spaghetti Recipe is one of the most loved foods in Filipino cuisine, it is always present in every special occasions like birthday and fiesta. Unlike the popular Italian spaghetti, Filipino spaghetti runs on the sweet side because of Banana Ketchup.

22] Crispy Pata Recipe is one of the famous dishes served in many popular restaurants in the Philippines and in other parts of the world where there is a Filipino restaurant.

23] Buko Pandan Salad Recipe is originated from Bohol Province, it is a favorite Filipino salad served in almost every kind of party and special occasions in the Philippines.

24] Pancit Canton Recipe is a mixture of egg noodle dish with chicken, vegetables, shrimp and Chinese sausage.   In every Filipino occasion, particularly on Birthdays, Pancit is always on the menu since it is known to represent for good health and long life.

pancit canton

25] Pandan Biko Recipe is perfect for fiestas or whenever you are just craving for some authentic Filipino meryenda.

pandan biko


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