Filipino Bangus Recipes

March 28, 2013 (Last Updated: January 21, 2016)

Bangus Recipes or Milkfish recipes which are truly Filipino

The Bangus is the national fish of the Phlippines. It is more commonly known as milkfish to the ordinary ones. Just as the fish is unique, it also has a distinct taste that makes it suitable to become a recipe for the Filipino family.

There are a lot of Filipino Milkfish recipes that are out in the open and easy to copy. This is because the milkfish’s bones has the characteristic of melting when drenched in vinegar. The kinilaw for example is a Bangus recipe that requires the bangus to be soaked too long in vinegar. Not just because of the bones to melt but for the flavor to also seep in.

A lot of chefs prefer to use the bangus in their recipes because its bones are also edible, except for the main spine of the said fish. The Pinoy Bangus recipes do not need to take the bones away but instead encourages you to cook the bangus as a whole.

bangus recipes

One example that we can get from a pool of Filipino milkfish recipes is the Bangus Lumpia. It is one of a kind Pinoy bangus recipe which takes the milkfish to a different level. Aside from the usual broiling, grilling, this and other bangus recipes lets the fish be the filling for the lumpia or spring roll. What is crucial is to have the bangus to be flaked. While some Pinoy bangus recipes do not require this because of the fish’s characteristic of having soft bones, it is still safe to flake the bangus especially in a Filipino milkfish recipe as this that there is no chance for the guest to open the lumpia and take out the unwanted bones.

Like what was mentioned above, there are also common Filipino milkfish recipes. When we say Inihaw na Bangus, it is the grilled fish cooked over fresh coals. This is great when there is a sauce intended for these kinds of bangus recipes. The usual dip or sauce is that of soy sauce mixed with different vegetables such as tomatoes, calamansi, and white onions. Some even want to add chili inside.

Another great bangus recipe also is Bangus Sisig. Sisig is originally a Pinoy recipe for chopped up internal parts of the big but because of the flexibility of Filipino recipes, bangus can also be used. You may either chop it up or mince it such as it is like pork or leave it as it is.
Every cuisine is unique in its sense, and so is Filipino food. Don’t ever forget that Pinoy Bangus recipes are also one of a kind and it is something you should try out in your own kitchen. The bangus fish is easy to find and to buy from the market. Just make sure you take the very fresh fishes rather than those that have been stored up for so long.

Enjoy Pinoy Bangus recipes as you make your guests happy with the new style of cooking with affordable and yummy Filipino milkfish recipes.

Here our collection of the best Filipino Bangus Recipes;

Bangus Bistek RecipePaksiw na Bangus RecipeStrawberry Bangus Sinigang Recipe
bangus bistekpaksiw na bangus recipeSinigang na Bangus sa Strawberry recipe
Bangus Belly Tempura RecipeSinigang na Bangus with puso ng Saging RecipeRellenong Bangus Recipe
bangus belly tempurasinigang na bangus sa puso ng saging reciperellenong bangus recipe
Sinigang na Bangus at Talbos ng Kamote RecipeBangus Condensada RecipeBangus Sisig Recipe
sinigang na bangus sa talbos ng kamote recipebangus condensada recipebangus sisig
Bangus en Tocho RecipeSinigang na Bangus Belly sa PatolaLumpiang Bangus Recipe
bangus en tocho recipeSinigang na Bangus Belly sa Patolalumpiang bangus
Inihaw na Bangus RecipePaksiw na tiyan ng Bangus RecipeDaing na Bangus Recipe
inihaw na banguspaksiw na tiyan ng bangus recipedaing na bangus
Baked Bangus Recipe
baked bangus recipe

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