20 Funny Wedding Cake Toppers that will make you Laugh

May 21, 2017
(Last Updated On: March 18, 2018)

20 Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

Are you different than most couples? Looking to put a little fun and sexiness into your Wedding cake topper?  Then you need to check out these cute, hand-painted cake topper made of beautiful porcelain that’s funny, adorable, and shows you there’s a lot more to your marriage than people will ever know!

These cake toppers looks great on all your wedding cakes surrounding your big day, and it also makes for a wonderful keepsake that you’ll remember forever. Don’t be like everyone else, get one of these Wedding Cake Toppers and put a smile on your friends’ and families’ faces.

1] Bride Can’t Wait!

Funny Wedding Toppers - bride cant waitFunny Wedding Toppers – Bride can’t wait (Click to buy at amazon)

2] Tender Touch

Tender TouchFunny Wedding Toppers – Tender touch (Click to buy at amazon)


3] Ball and Chained Groom

Ball and Chained GroomFunny Wedding Toppers – Ball and Chained Groom (Click to buy at amazon)

4] Tie Puller Bride

Tie Puller BrideFunny Wedding Toppers – Tie Puller Bride (Click to buy at amazon)

5] Reluctant Groom

Reluctant GroomFunny Wedding Toppers – Reluctant Groom (Click to buy at amazon)

6] Runaway Groom

Runaway GroomFunny Wedding Toppers – Runaway Groom (Click to buy at amazon)

7] The Love Pinch

The Love PinchFunny Wedding Toppers – The Love Pinch (Click to buy at amazon)

8] Couple Selfie

Couple Selfie

Funny Wedding Toppers – Couple Selfie (Click to buy at amazon)

9] You’re Hooked

Youre HookedFunny Wedding Toppers – You’re Hooked (Click to buy at amazon)

10] Reluctant Bride Reluctant Bride

Funny Wedding Toppers – Reluctant Bride (Click to buy at amazon)

11] Runaway Bride

Funny Wedding Toppers - Runaway BrideFunny Wedding Toppers – Runaway Bride (Click to buy at amazon)

12] I got You! (American Football)

Funny Wedding Toppers - I Got YouFunny Wedding Toppers – I Got You (Click to buy at amazon)

13] Bride Carrying the Groom

Funny Wedding Toppers - Bride Carrying the GroomFunny Wedding Toppers – Bride Carrying the Groom (Click to buy at amazon)

14] The Madly in Love

Funny Wedding Toppers -The Madly in Love

Funny Wedding Toppers – The Madly in Love (Click to buy at amazon)

15] Sexy Spy

Funny Wedding Toppers - Sexy SpyFunny Wedding Toppers – Sexy Spy (Click to buy at amazon)

16] Hooked on Love

Funny Wedding Toppers - Hooked on LoveFunny Wedding Toppers – Hooked on Love (Click to buy at amazon)

17] Wedding Bride Rather Go Fishing

Funny Wedding Toppers - Wedding Bride Rather Go FishingFunny Wedding Toppers – Wedding Bride Rather Go Fishing (Click to buy at amazon)

18] Leg-Puller Bride

Funny Wedding Toppers - Leg-Puller BrideFunny Wedding Toppers – Leg-Puller Bride (Click to buy at amazon)

19] Fishing Tackle Box Pole Bride

Funny Wedding Toppers - Fishing Tackle Box Pole BrideFunny Wedding Toppers – Fishing Tackle Box Pole Bride (Click to buy at amazon)

20] I’m with…

Funny Wedding Toppers - I'm with...Funny Wedding Toppers – I’m with… (Click to buy at amazon)


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