Seafood Sinigang Recipe

August 6, 2012
(Last Updated On: June 29, 2016)

How to cook Filipino Seafood Sinigang

Filipino Seafood Sinigang is one of the popular soup in the Philippines.   Filipino Sinigang soup is a very versatile dish, Pinoy’s have different versions of Sinigang deriving from the meat used such as  beef, pork, chicken, fish and shrimp.  You can add a variety of vegetables like sigarillas(winged beans), bataw, eggplant, sitaw (string beans) and the green, leafy vegetable could be kangkong (swamp cabbage), mustasa (mustard greens), cabbage or talbos ng kamote (young sweet potato leaves).

Here are the different souring agent that you can use for your Sinigang dish, tamarind, kamias, green mango, lime, guava, tamarind leaves, batuan or calamansi.  These days, powdered mixes and bouillon cubes come in some of these flavors and may be used instead for convenience.  Sinigang soup is very satisfying and an ideal meal for the rainy season.

This Filipino Seafood Sinigang version is a combination Prawn and Tanigue using tamarind broth as the souring agent. Give it a try and you will surely love it.

seafood sinigang filipino recipe

Filipino Seafood Sinigang Ingredients

  • 1/2 kilo sliced Tanigue
  • 1/4 kilo whole prawns, leave un-peeled
  • 2 medium size onion, quartered
  • 2 medium size tomato, quartered
  • 1 Labanos (daikon), sliced diagonally
  • 2 gabi (taro root), cubed
  • 1 stalk lemon grass, tie into knot
  • 2 medium size eggplant, sliced diagonally
  • 1 bundle sitaw (string beans), cut into 2 inches length
  • 1 bundle kangkong (river spinach) leaves
  • 1 sachet Tamarind Sinigang mix
  • 3 Siling haba (red chilli)
  • Salt or Patis (fish sauce)

Seafood Sinigang Cooking Instructions:

  • Place the water into an eight liter pot and take the water to boil. Add the onions, tomatoes, ginger and lemon grass and cook simmer for about 12 minutes or until the tomatoes start to break down.
  • Using a fork, squash the tomatoes and onions against the side of the pot. Take out the lemon grass.
  • Add chillies,  labanos, okra, sitaw and eggplant and simmer for ten minutes.
  • Add the tamarind mix and simmer for another five minutes.
  • Add the fish,  and prawns and season with the fish sauce.
  • Check that the fish is ready by pressing against it with a spoon. If it feels slightly firm and the flesh is white almost all the way through (check the inside by opening it up with the spoon) then the fish is almost cooked.
  • Over cooking it will start to break up the fish.
  • Lastly before serving, add the kang kong leaves, turn the heat off and put a lid on the pot. Allow to sit for at least five minutes to cook the greens.
  • Serve with hot rice.

Here’s the cooked Filipino Seafood Sinigang Recipe

seafood sinigang recipe

Here’s the ready to serve Filipino Seafood Sinigang.

seafood sinigang

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