Celebrating Christmas in the Philippines

December 21, 2013
(Last Updated On: December 22, 2013)

How Filipinos Celebrate Christmas

Christmas is one of the most anticipated events of the year. With the cool climate, a multitude of culinary delights and the stunning decorations associated with it, it’s not surprising why most Filipinos consider it as their favorite holiday.

Any Filipino gathering will never be complete without a selection of sumptuous foods. As we reach the end of our countdown, allow us to give you a rundown of the well-loved traditional foods that most Filipinos serve during the Christmas season.

belen christmas

(Note: above photo is called Belen, it is a traditional Filipino Christmas symbol, it depicts the infant Jesus in the manger, surrounded by the Mary, Joseph, the 3 Kings, shepherds, their flock, the Magi and some stable animals, and is surmounted by an angel, the Star or both.)

Puto Bumbong and Bibingka…

puto bumbong and bibingka

  • Christmas will never be the same without these two native treats. Sprinkled with niyog (coconut meat) and melted butter, even well-dressed patrons fall in line just to get a taste of this well-loved treat. Traditionally, these foods are eaten during the Christmas season, especially after Simbang Gabi. Get the Recipe here, Puto Bumbong or Bibingka



  • Though not every Filipino family serves it on Christmas day, the lechon remains to be an all-time favorite. Skewered in a long bamboo pole, the pig is hand turned for several hours; thus, producing a crispy and golden skinned delicacy with tasty meat. To make it extra special, dip it in lechon sauce.

Fruit Salad…

fruit salad

  • Being a tropical country, the Philippines has a natural love affair with fruits. This dessert could never be absent in any feast, especially during the Noche Buena. Fruit salad is basically composed of a variety of fruits mixed with condensed milk and all-purpose cream. It’s easy to make and is a definite crowd-pleaser. Get the Recipe here


filipino style spaghetti

  • With kids around, you could never go wrong with Filipino-style spaghetti. This was adapted from the Italian pasta, except, it has a sweet taste. Also, instead of the traditional meat balls, Filipinos opt to use ground meat as an alternative. Get the Recipe here

Macaroni Salad…

chicken macaroni salad

  • Filipino’s family gathering isn’t complete without the macaroni salad. It’s a tasty dish which is very easy to assemble. Since Filipinos love to gobble up on meat during Christmas, the macaroni salad is a great side dish for barbecued meats. Get the Recipe here

Leche Flan…

leche flan pinoy recipe

  • Leche Flan is one of the foods that the European has given us. Like the fruit salad, this dessert is always present in every Filipino feast, more so during Christmas. Get the Recipe here

Buko Pandan…

buko pandan salad

  • Buko Pandan is a much-loved and popular Filipino dessert which is made from shredded coconut meat. To make it extra special, it is mixed and flavored with pandan extracts, slices of pandan jelly and sweetened milk. Get the Recipe here


embutido filipino recipe

  • Embutido is known as the Filipino-style meat loaf. This is a popular dish which is mostly served during family gatherings, fiestas, birthdays and most especially, Noche Buena. Despite its tedious process, embutido is a great dish that you could store and freeze for about a month. You could also slice them into round discs and have them fried until the edges get slightly seared; resulting to a delicious crisp. Get the Recipe here



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