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Rellenong Bangus

    Rellenong Bangus Recipe

    December 21, 2007

    How to cook Rellenong Bangus

    Rellenong Bangus Recipe (Stuffed Milkfish) is a very special Filipino dish because of the amount of work involved in cooking.  Cooking process itself involves several processes, preparing the vegetables and fish. Removing the fish meat leaving the fish skin intact, steaming, de-boning, flaking, marinating, stuffing and frying.

    To make Rellenong Bangus more savory we added some raisins, sweet minced pickle and carrots. The egg will keep the stuff after cooking.

    Rellenong Bangus dish really needs a lot of patience and labor of love to achieve a great tasting Relleno. Give it a try, the just follow the procedure below.

    Rellenong Bangus Ingredients and Cooking Instructions:

    rellenong bangus ingredients

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