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    Kinilaw Na Tanigue Recipe

    June 9, 2017

    How to make Kinilaw Na Tanigue

    Kinilaw or Kilawin means to cook in vinegar, Kinilaw is a Filipino way of cooking that is similar to South American ceviche . They both rely on the sour agent of lime, lemon or vinegar to cook the raw fish.

    Kinilaw Na Tanigue Recipe
    is like sushi but tastes even better, it is consist of raw fish Tanigue mixed with vinegar and other ingredients.  The most important thing in this recipe is to make sure that you will use fresh Tanigue available because the taste of this dish depends on the freshness of the fish itself.

    kinilaw na tanigue

    Kinilaw Na Tanigue by Filipino Recipes Portal

    kinilaw na tanigue or kilawin tanigue

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