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    Zark’s Burgers Jawbreaker Review

    May 31, 2016

    Review: Zark’s Burgers Jawbreaker

    We Filipinos are fond of many things in life especially when it comes to food. We all have a variety of our favorite foods. Some of us prefer local foods, exotic, and even the western foodies such as burgers and fries.

    zarks signage

    Well let’s talk about burgers, and let me be more particular Zark’s Burger.  Oh no, wait! Let me be more specific Zark’s Jawbreaker Burger. Jawbreaker is just one of the greasiest burger of Zark’s with a size of 5-inch tall for only P290.

    Zark's Burger Jawbreaker burger

    Jawbreaker is a triple-patty big burger with yummy ingredients such as spam, tomatoes, bacon, and cheese and greens sauce. Also, serving comes with fries and a glass of blue lemonade or iced tea. Obviously, the burger looks somewhat unhealthy, I’m talking about a heart attack here. Well, forget all about that for now.

    The perfect thing about Jawbreaker is it’s peppery taste of the patty since Zark’s Burger patties are made using seasoned beef. This is also the main reason why Jawbreaker tastes savory and congenial.

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