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    Ube-Langka Sponge Cake Recipe

    December 20, 2015

    How to cook Ube-Langka Sponge Cake

    It’s official – I can’t get enough of the Ube-Langka Sponge Cake…  I had my first encounter with this cake lately at a local restaurant and I have been hooked since then. This yummy moist cake made from ube fudge and sweetened jackfruit is just delightfully awesome!

    This double-layer sponge cake is violet in color and so it can be very visually striking. Even if you display it on the table along with other foods, the cake will likely get all the attention.

    Ube-Langka Sponge Cake Recipe

    Just as it is appealing to the eyes, the Ube-Langka Sponge Cake is likewise definitely satisfying to the taste buds. It is unquestionably yummy! Kids and adults alike love eating it. You can be guaranteed this recipe will be a big hit for your family as you serve it.

    There are, of course, different ways to prepare the Ube-Langka Sponge Cake recipe. If you will browse online, for instance, you will immediately see that there are more than a few ways of making this cake.

    For this blog entry, however, we will share with you our preferred method of preparing the scrumptious Ube-Langka Sponge Cake. Go read on and we will show you exactly how we do it:

    Ube-Langka Sponge Cake by Filipino Recipes Portal:

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