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    Buttery Tanigue Recipe

    March 30, 2016

    How to cook Buttery Tanigue

    Buttery Tanigue Recipe is very easy to cook and a delicious seafood dish.  Tanigue, known as Spanish Mackerel in English, is part of the Scombridae family of fishes with tuna, butterfly kingfish, and bonito. This bony fish does have ray-shaped fins. But if you’re asking whether it’s delicious? Well, make no bones about it. To upgrade its taste further, why not combine it with butter?

    Now that’s something fishy but for all the good reasons. Mackerel is rich in Vitamin D which acts like a steroid hormone. Also, it has Omega-3 Fatty Acids which help in the optimal functioning of your brain and your body.

    Buttery Tanigue Recipe by Filipino Recipes Portal

    Meanwhile, butter is a great source of selenium which is a great antioxidant. It also contains other trace minerals such as Copper, Chromium, and Zinc. Butter is also a reliable source of good cholesterol. It also contains Glycospingolipids that protects the stomach from gastrotestinal infections. Beyond the health benefits that this recipe offers, the combination of ingredients makes it a gastronomic treat.

    Try this delicious pan fried Buttery Tanigue Recipe made from Tanigue steaks (Spanish mackerel) with melted butter and fried garlic on top.

    Buttery Tanigue by Filipino Recipes Portal:

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