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Suman sa Ibos

    Suman sa Ibos Recipe

    December 24, 2007

    How to cook Suman sa Ibos

    Suman sa Ibos Recipe or wrapped rice cake is a delicious native Filipino food, often eaten with ripe mangoes or simply dipped in sugar. It is made of steamed sweet sticky rice and commonly wrapped with coconut leaves. You will see a lot of these rice cakes, during Halloween or Pista ng Patay (All Saint’s Day).

    Wrapping Suman sa ibos is an art and it is not hard to cook but the preparation is a little slow process and the cooking takes much time, here’s how to cook this tasty Suman sa Ibos Recipe.

    suman sa ibos recipe

    Suman sa Ibos Ingredients and Cooking Instructions:

    suman ibos recipe

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