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    Sisig Pizza Pie Recipe

    December 7, 2016 (Last Updated: November 1, 2018)

    How to make Sisig Pizza Pie

    If sisig and pizza are two of your favorite food, why not have both?

    The wonderful world of fusion cooking brings us sisig presented differently on the buttery goodness of Italian crust and cheese.

    For those unfamiliar of sisig, it is a Filipino dish made from chopped pig ears and cheeks usually seasoned with vinegar and calamansi juice. ‘Sisig’ originated from a Kapampangan word which means to make a salad from unripe fruits like green papaya or guava with a simple salt and vinegar dip. But that was the ’70s. Today, it is often served in hot plates and is a much loved partner of beer in the Philippines.

    Sisig Pizza Recipe

    Just like any other pizza, this requires a pizza crust. Use sisig as toppings, along with lots of cheese.

    Sisig Pizza Pie is something that will be appreciated not just by sisig lovers but by everyone looking for a whole new twist to the much beloved pizza.

    Make. This. Sisig Pizza. Now.

    Learn how to make Sisig Pizza Pie from our video :

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