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    Tortang Corned Beef Sandwich Recipe

    July 1, 2016

    How to make Tortang Corned Beef Sandwich

    Merienda time! There may be a time in your life that you have reached the point of saturation on burgers, fries, pizza, etc. Don’t worry, with this recipe – Tortang Corned Beef Sandwich, you can have your DIY snack recipe.

    All you need here are eggs, corned beef (choose the best one), and of course sandwich. The process is like preparing an omelet and putting it in a sandwich. Pretty easy, right?

    Tortang Corned Beef Sandwich

    This recipe is recommended especially when you are having a tough time going out for snacks since most of us have always a stock of these ingredients. In terms of taste, it will depend on the quality of your corned beef. Also, this will depend on the fluffiness of your egg and kind of sandwich you have. Don’t worry, it is not required that you buy the expensive ones, just the good ones.

    Tortang Corned Beef Sandwich  by Pinoy Recipe dot net:

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