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    Peach Sago Salad Recipe

    April 25, 2017

    How to make Peach Sago Salad

    When summer comes along, its hard not to get your energy drained by the heat. And what better way to fight the heat with a delicious, sweet, and refreshing dessert. No, we aren’t talking about Halo-Halo. Let’s mix up your cool dessert with something even simpler, a Peach Sago Salad Recipe.

    Sago, or also known as Tapioco pearls, is in many Filipino recipes for the longest times. Our ancestors would cut down “sago palm” trees and process it to make sago flour which can then be used in many different forms. How innovative is that? And our Peach Sago Salad is similar to that. It is a twist from the regular mango sago salad we know of.

    Peach Sago Salad Recipe

    Peach Sago Salad Recipe only calls for a couple of ingredients and as well as simple processes. With the intense heat during the summer, you will surely enjoy a delightful and refreshing dessert such as this that is great to share with your family and friends.

    Peach Sago Salad by Filipino Recipes Portal:

    Peach Sago Salad Recipe

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