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    Filipino Bangus Recipes

    March 28, 2013

    Bangus Recipes or Milkfish recipes which are truly Filipino

    The Bangus is the national fish of the Phlippines. It is more commonly known as milkfish to the ordinary ones. Just as the fish is unique, it also has a distinct taste that makes it suitable to become a recipe for the Filipino family.

    There are a lot of Filipino Milkfish recipes that are out in the open and easy to copy. This is because the milkfish’s bones has the characteristic of melting when drenched in vinegar. The kinilaw for example is a Bangus recipe that requires the bangus to be soaked too long in vinegar. Not just because of the bones to melt but for the flavor to also seep in.

    A lot of chefs prefer to use the bangus in their recipes because its bones are also edible, except for the main spine of the said fish. The Pinoy Bangus recipes do not need to take the bones away but instead encourages you to cook the bangus as a whole.

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