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    10 No Bake Filipino Summer Dessert Recipes

    March 16, 2017

    10 Easy No Bake Summer Desserts

    It’s Summer time again and you don’t have to bake in the summer heat, we have here a number of easy no-bake dessert recipes.  These 10 No Bake Filipino Summer Dessert Recipes are the perfect way to take your dessert spread over the top and all of them are delicious, simple, and sweat-free.

    10 No Bake Filipino Summer Dessert Recipes 1] Mango Float Recipe

    Mango float is definitely the top well-loved and super easy no-bake Filipino dessert. As everybody knows, it is made of fresh, sweet and juicy slices of mangoes floating in condensed milk flavored cream in Graham crackers canvas. It can be prepared a day ahead and can be chilled until it’s dessert time.

    Mango Float RecipeMango Float Recipe


    2] Rocky Road Icebox Cake Recipe

    If you need something super quick and easy to take to a party, but you also want it to be fab, then you should make this rocky road icebox cake. Make a no-bake rocky road treat full to the brim with marshmallows, chocolate, cookies and more! Refrigerate it until needed.

    Rocky Road Icebox Cake RecipeRocky Road Icebox Cake Recipe


    3] Ube Langkasuy Icebox Cake Recipe

    No baking required for this fruity-licious chilled dessert. Just layer some graham crackers, fill it with cream mixed with ube extract and condensed milk and top with ‘langka’ or jackfruit and ‘kasuy’ or cashews. Then indulge in all of the ube langkasuy goodness!

    Ube Langkasuy Icebox Cake RecipeUbe Langkasuy Icebox Cake Recipe


    4] Black Forest Icebox Cake Recipe

    Even if you are no chef, this is something you could make! This Black Forest Icebox Cake is a combination of a cream filling, a layer of either cookies, graham crackers or wafers and your favorite garnish which could be chocolate curls or whole cherries on top to add a regal flair it rightly deserves.

    Black Forest Icebox Cake RecipeBlack Forest Icebox Cake Recipe

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