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    Top 10 Health Benefits of Mangosteen Fruit

    November 24, 2015

    The Top 10 Health Benefits of eating Mangosteen Fruit

    This wonderfully fragrant, fleshy fruit is most often found in south-east Asian countries. Renowned for being a delicious fruit that is also known for its medicinal properties, the Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) is something that’s good for your taste buds and for your health.

    Mangosteen Health Benefits Top Ten

    Although best when eaten fresh as it is—don’t forget to remove that hard outer layer—mangosteen is also often freeze-dried or turned into a tea or juice so that you can still get plenty of that nutrition-packed goodness. If you’re wondering what it is precisely about the mangosteen which has made it so popular amongst those who know a lot about home remedies and practice traditional healing methods, you can easily reap from putting a bit of mangosteen into your everyday diet!

    There’s a reason why it’s being touted as one of the hot new superfoods!

    Here are the Health Benefits of Mangosteen Fruit:

    1] Mangosteen is actually quite a powerful antioxidant.
    This is one of those rare instances where the processed version is more beneficial for your health than the fresh thing—because mangosteen powder includes the vitamin-packed purple outer layer, and has been dehydrated so much of the water has been removed, there are more antioxidants by weight if you compare dried mangosteen powder to fresh mangosteen. This is widely available in many health stores—check it out!

    2] Make use of that powerful purple outer layer after you’ve taken a bite of the sweet fruit.
    The purple outer layer of the mangosteen has been used to brew fruit tea that ends up alleviating the symptoms of various ailments, including urinary tract infections, diarrhea and menstrual conditions.

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