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    Coconut Macaroons Recipe

    June 29, 2016

    How to cook Filipino Coconut Macaroons Recipe.

    Coconut Macaroons normally use desiccated coconut as the main ingredient. Desiccated as in a “dry” form. But in other countries, they use “flaked” coconut, which is a bit softer in consistency and whiter or lighter in color compared to the one we are used here in the Philippines.

    Filipino Coconut Macaroons has become synonymous with pasalubong, desserts, snacks, treats or just a sweet. There are several recipes are available on the internet today and some are using even just two ingredients, dessicated coconut and condensed milk is enough to make dozens of macaroons.

    Do you know that we can also use those ‘freshly‘ squeezed coconut in your macaroons?  They taste fresher and more soft and chewy.  The coconut milk can then be used for other Pinoy desserts such as Ginataang Halo Halo and Maja Blanca.

    coconut macaroons recipe

    Learn how to make Coconut Macaroons from our video :

    Filipino Coconut Macaroons Ingredients:

    coconut macaroons ingredients


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