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Kalderetang Kambing

    Kalderetang Kambing Recipe (Goat Kaldereta)

    January 5, 2008

    How to cook Kalderetang Kambing

    Kaldereta Kambing is one of the meat dishes every Filipino has come to love. It is a favorite pulutan and is a requisite during fiestas. You can always find it in the menus of authentic Filipino restaurant or even in “turo-turo” type restaurant.

    It is usually served in special occasions like town fiestas and birthday parties, also perfect as pulutan or appetizer especially when beer is around. Kalderetang Kambing became one of the favorite dishes by Filipinos since the influence of the Spanish rule in the Philippines. Goat meat is a lot cheaper than beef and it is much healthier because it has fewer calories, less fat, cholesterol and saturated fat. Cooking goat meat must be at low temperature to avoid it from becoming dry and tough.

    Try this easiest way of cooking Kalderetang Kambing Recipe.

    kalderetang kambing recipe

    Kalderetang Kambing Ingredients and Cooking Procedure:

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