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Kadios Baboy Langka Recipe

    Kadyos Baboy Langka Recipe

    March 8, 2012 (Last Updated: July 13, 2016)

    How to cook Kadyos Baboy Langka or KBL

    Kadyos Baboy Langka Recipe A very popular Ilonggo dish and well loved cuisine also known as KBL, stands for Kadyos (pigeon peas), Baboy (pork) and Langka (jackfruit).

    Here are KBL’s most important ingredients… Kadyos. The kadyos gives the broth a light purplish hue and enhances the taste of soup.  Baboy. In this recipe the pata (hocks) is the choice cut and you must choose the lean-fat-cartilage/tendon combo. The pork will give KBL a distinct taste. Langka. Unripe or raw jack fruit is required for this dish, it is usually cut into large cubes and boiled until cooked before adding the souring ingredient.  Bat-wan is the recommended souring agent for this recipe but if its not available you can use Sinigang mix or Tamarind.  Batwan or batuan is a tiny green fruit grows abundantly in the Western Visayas region and oftenly used as souring ingredients in soups and fish dishes.

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    kadyos baboy langka recipe

    Kadyos Baboy Langka Ingredients:

    • 1 Pork Pata (Hocks), sliced
    • 1 /4 kilo unripe jack fruit, cut into large cubes
    • 1 cup pigeon peas (kadyos)
    • 5 pieces large sized Batwan or 1 pack sinigang mix
    • 2 bundled tanglad or lemongrass
    • 1 medium sized Onion
    • 1 piece beef cube
    • 6 cups of water (per batch)
    • 3 pieces Siling haba or Red Pepper
    • salt and pepper to taste

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