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    Halo Halo Icebox Cake Recipe

    July 10, 2017

    How to make Halo Halo Icebox Cake

    A classic refreshing dessert drink for any Filipino household during summer time is Halo-Halo. No matter what season it is, Halo-Halo is a beverage that any Filipino would enjoy. This Filipino dessert drink has even been recognized by famous chefs, bloggers, and critics around the world. The combination of flavors of crunchy sweet beans, soft sago (tapioca pearls) and gulaman (agar jelly), silky evaporated milk, and refreshing ice, how can that not make any mouth water? And we have thought of a way to make this drink even better than it already is.

    Halo-Halo Icebox Cake Recipe is a simple yet delectable dessert that any family would enjoy. Using the ingredients of a basic halo-halo and some additional ingredients and steps of making an icebox cake, by the end of this recipe you will surely add this to your favorite dessert list.

    Halo Halo Icebox Cake Recipe

    The steps in creating this masterpiece, Halo-Halo Icebox Cake is so easy that you can even ask your kids to do it with you as a form of bonding.

    Halo Halo Icebox Cake by Filipino Recipes Portal

    Halo Halo Icebox Cake ingredients

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