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    Top 10 Health Benefits of Garlic

    May 27, 2015

    Top Benefits of Eating Garlic

    Garlic is quite a very important spice in every culinary culture. Its unique taste amps up any dish especially those which need sautéing. There wouldn’t be any chili-garlic paste, or butter-garlic toasts, or garlic tarts without this pungent smelling spice. Dishes would never be the same without it.

    But of course, not everyone is a fan of this spice. Some say the taste is of putting, others are not a big fan of the strong and distinct scent that it has. What these people don’t know however is how much there are losing because they aren’t putting these special spice in their food.

    Top 10 health benefits of garlic by Filipino Recipes Portal

    Here is a summary of 10 health benefits that garlic can give us. By the end of this, [assuming of course that you hate using this spice] you may want to change your mind about it.

    1. Garlic is great for the heart

    Why you ask? Well for starters, research are starting to accumulate more and more evidence on this matter particularly on the ability of this spice to widen our blood vessels, facilitating a more efficient blood flow, especially to those who have problems with hypertension.

    Studies also reveal that this tiny little spice aids in the lessening the clumping of platelets inside our arteries. Platelets clumping would result to blood clot, and blood clot, depending on the location could be of serious health threat to a person.

    1. It can ward of Cancer cells from forming

    Much has been invested in the study of alternative medicine that could help cancer patients and those who are high risk. Some of these research focuses on the use of natural products such as that of the Garlic. Study shows that it has the ability to slow down the replication of cancer cells. As we all know cancer cells produce very rapidly, a characteristic that sets them apart from our normal cells. Once these cells proliferate very fast they form tumors and these tumors are those that endanger us.

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