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    Corned Beef Empanada Recipe

    January 2, 2016 (Last Updated: November 1, 2018)

    How to cook Corned Beef Empanada

    Empanadas are among the most versatile of foods. You can eat them as an appetizer or as an afternoon snack with a cup of coffee or a glass of Coke. You may also eat them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. On top of that, you can have fun and use different stuffings for your empanada, depending on your personal preference.

    For this recipe, you will learn how to make the Corned Beef Empanada.

    As the name dictates, this specific variety uses corned beef as the empanada’s main ingredient. Given how much everyone loves a good-tasting corned beef, this can be a sure blockbuster on the dining table.

    Corned Beef Empanada Recipe

    Based on experience, even kids who are actually picky eaters love this Corned Beef Empanada. We had this once during a party and I saw most of the children enjoying it a lot, much to the surprise of their parents.

    In short, this is an awesome food that you can serve to anyone at any given time of the day.

    So let’s not keep this too long and start getting your kitchen tools ready. Go wear your apron and let’s start making the Corned Beef Empanada right now.   Here’s how…

    Corned Beef Empanada by Filipino Recipes Portal:

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