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    10 Simple Kitchen Organizing Tips

    March 3, 2016

    10 Simple Kitchen Organizing Tips

    A lot of the times we mean to get in there and finally organize the kitchen, but once things get out of control the job can seem so daunting and you just don’t know where to start. These top 10 kitchen organizing tips will help make your kitchen pleasant and welcoming.

    kitchen organizing tips

    The best way to start a big task is to start small and think of one thing at a time. If you think of everything you need to do you may just never do it!

    Here are some easy kitchen organizing tips:

    1] Mentally Prepare – Look in your kitchen and make a mental note of what belongs in there, what can be put away, what you don’t need anymore, etc.

    2] Organize Kitchen Cabinets – Take everything out of your kitchen cabinets, clean, and place them back into different categories such as glasses, plates, baking trays and so on. If your cabinets are organized you will save a lot of time during cooking.

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