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    Pichi Pichi Balls Recipe

    May 16, 2017

    How to cook Pichi Pichi Balls

    A Filipino dessert that never gets old and never gets too tiring to eat, Pichi-Pichi is a staple food in any Filipino gathering, may it be a reunion, a birthday, or any type of celebration. Pichi-Pichi was first introduced in Quezon Province. Overtime because of its delicious, sweet, soft, and sticky flavors, it has found its way to be seen under the radar of other provinces and cities here in the Philippines as well. And now it has grown to be one of the most loved Filipino desserts of all time.

    A reason why Pichi-Pichi is a dessert that is ALWAYS found at Filipino gatherings is not only because almost every Filipino store and/or restaurant offers this, but it is also because Pichi-Pichi is actually a very simple and easy dish to make. It doesn’t have a complex and difficult recipe to follow, and its ingredients aren’t hard to find too.

    pichi pichi balls recipe

    Learn about how to cook Pichi-Pichi Balls that you can make into a small business or prepare in your next family gathering.

    Pichi Pichi Balls by Filipino Recipes Portal:

    pichi pichi balls ingredients

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