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Carrot cake

    Carrot Cake Recipe

    July 27, 2015 (Last Updated: November 1, 2018)

    How to make Carrot Cake

    Although its exact origins are unknown, carrots have been used in cakes since way back medieval times. Mainly, it was because of its sugar content. Next only to sugar beets, carrots contain greater amount of sugar than any other vegetable.

    These days, Carrot Cakes have become one of the most popular cakes across the world. You’ll see it being served on weddings, birthdays, and numerous other special occasions.

    Everybody just can’t get enough of this delight because of its simplicity, sweetness, and distinct flavor. Carrot cakes are also healthy because they are filled with calcium, calories, cholesterol, fat, sodium, and protein. Another reason why many people love these moist pastries is because they usually last longer compared with other cake types.
    The good news for you here is that these wonderful desserts are relatively easy and fun to make. This means you can bake this treat even if you are actually a newbie. Just be precise in following the instructions and there’s no doubt you can get this right.

    Your friends and family members will love it if you bake them a nice carrot cake for your next celebration together!

    Here are the instructions for making your own Carrot Cake:

    Carrot Cake Recipe by Filipino Recipes Portal

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