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    Carioca Recipe

    August 20, 2018 (Last Updated: November 1, 2018)

    How to cook Filipino Carioca

    Everyone loves a sweet treat!  This Filipino Carioca Recipe is a good choice if you want to make a quick but tasty treat for the entire family.

    Carioca is made of coconut and sweet rice dough (locally known in the market as “galapong”). It is quite easy to prepare and so it should be perfect for an afternoon snack.

    Some foodies have said that it can be closely compared to beignets, its foreign fried dough counterpart.

    The Carioca is rolled like a ball in the rice dough and then tossed and deep fried in a pan. It is then dipped in sweet coconut syrup to give it a distinct satisfying sweetness everyone has grown to love. After that, it is skewered to a bamboo stick.

    Carioca Recipe are balls of rice-flour dough, deep fried in oil, dipped in a sweet coconut syrup and it is chewy, sweet, and absolutely addicting. Your kids will surely like these Filipino Dessert.

    Carioca can be a perfect idea for your family’s merienda or dessert. They are particularly popular among children, but many love the Carioca as well since it takes them on a trip down memory lane.
    Also, these fried rice balls can be great to serve for big gatherings.

    Just be prepared to cook a lot of them and be sure to ask for a little help. Putting these foods on sticks can be a bit time-consuming.

    Carioca Recipe by Filipino Recipes Portal:

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