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    Chicken Bistek Recipe

    March 9, 2017

    How to cook Chicken Bistek

    Bistek is a dish that varies and is unique for many different countries. For Mexico, Bistek is sirloin beef covered in bread crumbs and placed in tortillas or tacos. In the United Arab Emirates, Bistek is a way of cooking steak topped with ranch dressing and potato cuts. But here in the Philippines, Bistek Tagalog is a classic dish with beef or pork strips cooked in soy sauce and calamansi juice, topped with onions and diced garlic. And this traditional Bistek Tagalog has now been given a twist. Rather than using beef slices, we will be using here chicken choice cuts. The ingredients are still identical but its flavors truly do pack a punch.

    Sounds tempting? Why not try to cook this for your family, friends or maybe all just for you. The recipe of Chicken Bistek is such a simple recipe that can be cooked with ingredients easily found in your refrigerator. And it is also a flexible recipe; it can be cooked for either lunch or dinner.

    Chicken Bistek recipe

    We now have a number of Bistek recipes that you can also try, these are Creamy Bistek Tagalog Recipe, Pork Bistek Recipe, Bistek na Tanigue with Cream Recipe and Bangus Belly Bistek Recipe.

    Chicken Bistek by Filipino Recipes Portal:

    Chicken Bistek Ingredients

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