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    Pandan Biko Recipe

    March 25, 2016 (Last Updated: November 1, 2018)

    How to cook Pandan Biko

    Pandan is more than just an ingredient with a captivating aroma. For starters, it can help lower blood pressure. It can also help eliminate dandruff and strengthen weak nerves. Pandan is also effective against rheumatism and decreased appetite. So when you combine it with the well-loved biko, you are getting a delight in terms of health and taste.

    The Pandan Biko Recipe is perfect for fiestas or whenever you are just craving for some authentic Filipino meryenda.

    Pandan Biko Recipe

    Whether you are cooking this for yourself or for a group, its taste will stick in your mind for a while. Indeed, adding Pandan is a great variation to this kakanin that we all love.

    Read below to learn the steps on how to cook Pandan Biko. This variation will re-introduce the biko to more people and secures its place to future generations.

    Pandan Biko by Filipino Recipes Portal:

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