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Banana Split

    Banana Split Recipe

    March 17, 2018

    How to make the world famous Banana Split

    Try this world famous Banana Split Recipe such a decadent sweet goodness that is made up of three combinations of ice cream, which is chocolate, vanilla and strawberry and usually served in a long dish also known as boat dish.

    Ripe green bananas are used in this recipe which is cut in half lengthwise placed beside the three ice cream flavors and then topped with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. You may also add some cherry, nuts and wafer sticks. To keep the banana slices from turning brown, brush it with a little lemon juice.

    There are advantages and disadvantage of eating ice-cream. Ice cream is rich in calcium, phosphorus and carbohydrate and a good source of energy too. Though, it is known as a “high-fat” food which may cause some problems for some people with high cholesterol level, so to lower the risk you may opt for low-fat or low-sugar ice cream.

    Banana Split Recipe

    Now here’s how to prepare the Banana Split Recipe it’s very easy and affordable dessert that the whole family will surely enjoy.

    Banana Split Ingredients and Preparation Procedure


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