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Baked Tahong

    Baked Tahong Recipe (Baked Mussels)

    January 7, 2008

    How to cook Baked Tahong or Baked Mussels

    Baked Tahong Recipe with butter-garlic and quick melt cheese topping are a perfect match food made in heaven, plus they are super-easy to cook and great for ‘Pulutan’ (finger food for drinking sessions). This Baked Tahong dish will have you sliding mussels in your mouth, one after another. Green mussels are readily available in the frozen section of many supermarkets or in the local wet markets.

    Mussels are a high protein food source. They’re low fat content makes them potentially healthier than other protein sources, such as beef, which can contain a lot of saturated fat. Mussels are also an excellent source of vitamin B12 and selenium, which is an essential micro-nutrient. Mussels are a very good source of omega-3 fatty acids and are considered an excellent seafood choice.

    Try this easy, super appetizing and delicious Baked Tahong Recipe, it’s very quick and absolutely yummy.

    baked tahong recipe

    Baked Tahong Ingredients and Cooking Procedure:

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