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    Top 10 Health Benefits of Ampalaya or Bitter Gourd

    December 1, 2014 (Last Updated: March 13, 2018)

    Top Health Benefits of Eating Ampalaya

    Ampalaya or Bitter Gourd is one of the most famous wonder vegetables. It has been extracted, packed in dietary pills, and powdered because of the several health benefits that it offers. But who needs it ingested synthetically when you can actually get the benefits directly by eating it as it is.

    It is characterized by its bitter taste and the wriggled appearance of the fruit. It’s a very common vegetable used in Asian and South American dishes. It has been continuously studied for its medicinal properties. Here are some of the advantages you can get by eating this veggie.

    Here are the Top 10 Health Benefits of Ampalaya or Bitter Gourd:

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    1. Anti-diabetic

    It is widely known that Bitter Gourd can lower down Blood Sugar Level, which is the very reason why it is highly discouraged to be eaten by people who are under diabetes medication. It can cause blood sugar to drop too low when a person is also taking meds that lower down blood sugar level and it may cause severe effects on the person. This blood sugar lowering effect can be attributed to Charantin, Vicine and Polypeptide-p

    1. Anti-cancer

    Every anti-cancer food out there is on the rage. So, try listing down this veggie under your anti-cancer food and gear up to fight cancer. As they say, prevention is always better than cure.

    1. Antioxidant

    Given of course that it has anti-cancer properties, automatically is has antioxidative properties. This can be due to its high Vitamin C content. It has been debunked that Vitamin C can actually prevent colds, but it has been proven that Vitamin C can actually do so much better as an antioxidant. It acts by attaching itself to the free radicals [which causes aging of cells] to prevent the adverse effects of these substances in the body.

    1. Immunobooster

    Bacteria, Virus and all those disease causing agents are everywhere. Without the proper health regimen like a good old diet, ample hours of sleep and exercise, then you might be able to contract diseases that could affect your day to day activities. We all need immunoboosters, and who needs pills and potions if we could eat natural food that would give a healthier effect. Bitter Gourd is one of the super foods that one can resort to.

    1. Appetite suppressor

    No, it’s not because it’s bitter that you eventually lose your appetite to eat, but it is because of lectin, a substance present in this veggie that helps you achieve a non hungry effect.

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