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Adobong Sitaw

    Adobong Sitaw Recipe

    January 24, 2008 (Last Updated: November 1, 2018)

    How to cook Adobong Sitaw

    The Adobo Recipe has many different versions, one of these is the Adobong Sitaw Recipe or String Beans Adobo, another popular and mouth-watering adobo recipe for those who love vegetables. This dish is quick and easy to cook and a very nutritious Filipino vegetable dish.

    Cooking Adobong Sitaw is very similar to pork or chicken adobo but instead of using only pork or chicken as the main ingredient we use string beans with a few slices of pork. If you’re a vegetarian, this Adobong Sitaw Recipe is right for you, less cholesterol and more nutritious.

    Adobong Sitaw is a combination of string beans and meat braised in soy sauce, vinegar, spices, and fat rendered from pork belly.

    adobong sitaw pinoy recipe

    Adobong Sitaw Ingredients and Cooking Procedure:

    adobong sitaw recipe

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