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Adobong Kangkong

    Adobong Kangkong Recipe

    December 19, 2007

    Learn how to cook Adobong Kangkong

    Adobong Kangkong Recipe is a simple vegetable dish that is considered a staple in many Filipino homes.  This dish is made up of Kangkong Leaves or Water Spinach it is also known as Swamp Cabbage. Adobo is an authentic Filipino recipe, the ingredients are easy to find and not expensive.

    Here in the Philippines, water spinach grows easily in watery places so you can always see these on the market. This dish is cheap but very delicious, it can be an appetizer or and can be your main dish as well, it is best served with hot white rice.

    adobong kangkong recipe

    Adobong Kangkong Ingredients and Cooking Procedure:

    adobong kangkong filipino recipe

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