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Filipino Recipes Portal, is a collection of Filipino Recipes and Food Health Tips, this blog provides useful instructions on how to prepare dishes that remind us of home and the glorious flavors of the Philippine Islands. Filipino Recipes Portal is educational and tasty food blog-a combination that’s hard to resist.

In August 2013 we delivered around 650,000 pageviews to almost 250,000 visitors. These figures exclude the tens of thousands of readers who get our daily posts via RSS, Facebook and Twitter.

Last July 5, 2013, we were awarded and honored as the Best Food / Travel Blog by Globe Tattoo’s Tatt Awards 2013. tatt-awards-trophy

We are currently number 1 in the Top 100 Pinoy Blogs for February 2014

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Filipino Recipes Portal Highlights (statistics as of August 28, 2013)

Monthly stats: 250,000 visitors and 650,000 pageviews
Google Page Rank: 3
Feedburner subscribers: 6,350
Alexa Traffic Rank: 16,900 check here
Klout Score: 66 check here
Facebook Fans: 66,300 (check here)
Google Plus Followers: 24,100 (check here)
Instagram Followers: 857 (check here)
Pinterest followers: 3,869 (check here)
Twitter followers: 4,205 (check here)
Newsletter Subscribers: 2,430 (check here)


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