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The Top 10 Health Benefits of Watermelon

Summer vacations would never be complete without a sip of a thirst quenching watermelon fruit shake. But did you know what a sip of watermelon has in store for you?

Watermelon is a vinous plant that bears large obloid or spheroid fruits with red flesh and hefty number of seeds. Hailing from West Africa, this fruit has been cultivated all around the globe and produces the most number of fruits during summer.

Watermelon, as its name suggest is basically comprised of water. So it wouldn’t be surprising that a serving of this fruit would definitely hydrate you enough like a glass of water can. Other than the water content, it is also very rich in essential nutrients like Vitamins A, B and C. It’s also found to contain high concentration of Lycopene, a well known anti-oxidant. For more information on all these benefits, read more below.

watermelon 10 health benefits

Here are the Health Benefits of Watermelon:

  1. Hydrates your body

As mentioned earlier, this fruit is made of water [to give you an idea about this, you might want to know that studies show that it is at most 90 % percent.] Thanks to this, it’s able to hydrate your body very well especially on very a hot weather. Eating this would help you stay away from heat stroke (hyperthermia). Enjoy summer without having to worry about getting dehydrated.

  1. Great for making your skin smooth and glowing

It also ensures our skin to be moist and glowing. The high water content makes sure you don’t feel dry, and the vitamins and lycopenes enhances your skin’s health, giving you a moist and healthy glowing skin. You get to enjoy a summer fruit shake plus the hydration that you would need, minus the calories. Wouldn’t that be a treat?


  1. Good for eye health

It is already stated, that this fruit has loads of Vitamin A, an important eye vitamin. Vitamin A functions in preventing the development of cataracts, night blindness and blurring of vision. It also helps you lower your risks of macular degeneration.

  1. Improves blood circulation

Other than oozing with Vitamins and Minerals, Watermelon is also known for its high content in L-citrulline, a precursor amino acid needed to produce L-arginine, which is used by the body for blood circulation improvement. Improved blood circulation would be very beneficial to everyone especially those who are athletes, as well as those who are pregnant.

  1. Excellent for the heart

Much like tomatoes, Watermelon has a very high amount of Lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that promotes the heart’s health. In fact, research reveals that the Lycopene content of Watermelon exceeds that of the tomatoes. Other than this antioxidant, (as mentioned earlier) Watermelon also has lots of L-citrulline, combine this with the power of Lycopene and surely, those imminent heart problems are easily averted.

  1. Effective for slimming diet

Fruits and vegetables are known for their ability to make us feel full after munching a good serving of them which would mean we would eat lesser than how we usually do. This is basically because of their high fiber content and fiber is very important in your diet. While being basically made of water, watermelon contains 0.6 grams of dietary fiber, that’s 2 percent of your RDA for fiber. Also, since it’s basically made of water, it’s no surprise that you can easily get full from eating one serving of this fruit.

  1. Lowers down risks for cancer

Thanks to the high content Lycopene, Vitamins and Fiber, a person can lower down his or her risks in getting cancer. A watermelon serving incorporated with other fruits and vegetable would surely be a powerful combo to prevent some forms of cancer.

  1. Maintains Optimal Blood Sugar Level

Now if you remember, it was mentioned earlier that watermelon contains Citrulline. This amino acid, with the help of some enzymes, transforms into Arginine, a superbly important amino acid that functions in the circulation of blood. It also was found to function in ensuring that your kidneys work perfectly. More importantly researches also suggest that it also shows potentials in lowering blood sugar.

  1. Prevents you from developing Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the biggest problems faced by aging people. Apparently it is commonly occurring in people who are in their 40s. Having one would definitely give you a hard time. But why suffer when there’s a way to avoid it. There are a handful of home treatments and medicine cocktails that could help you with this problem. One of these is eating watermelon. Watermelon is high in antioxidants which helps expels free radicals that oxidizes cholesterol. Oxidized cholesterol forms plaques in veins. These plaques in turn cause a lot of health problems like arthritis.

Closeup bowl of watermelon on a bench

  1. Calms your nerves

If you think you already have enough, well then think again, because watermelon can also help your nervous system. We all owe it to the potassium in watermelons. Potassium is an electrolyte used in conveying nerve signals in the body. Thus it’s important to incorporate potassium rich food in our diet. Without it, sending nerve impulses in the body would be delayed resulting to slower reflexes and response to the environment.


More than a summer holiday thirst quencher, watermelon is a superpower food that we should not forget to include in our diet. It’s sweet, it’s refreshing and it’s ridiculously healthy, what more can you ask for?

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watermelon cooler recipe


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