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1] Best Salad Recipes – All the Best Salad Recipes featuring easy and healthy Salad recipes such as fruit salads, vegetable salads, meat salads, green salads, bean salads, seafood salads, egg salads and potato salads

2] American Recipes and American Foods – Experience the best in American food through traditional recipes, as well as new American classics. You’ll find recipes and techniques for chili, meatloaf, casseroles, stews and grilled food.

3] Best Chocolate Recipes – Home of the best chocolate recipes for all occasions. Easy to bake and easy to cook chocolate recipes. We’ve got recipe ideas to satisfy the demands of the most fervent chocoholic, with cakes, tarts, tortes and pots filled with the good stuff.

4] Fondant Cakes Recipes – How to make Fondant Cakes, step by step videos by Fondant Cake experts. Learn more from Fondant recipes, Fondant Cakes tips and resources here at Fondant Cake Recipes

5] Smoothie Recipes and Cocktail Recipes –  features all the best fresh, Healthy Smoothie Recipes and the popular Cocktail Recipes.

6] SweNay.com –  A Swedish-Pinay’s Food and Travel Weblog

7] Herzwich – Weird Treats and Strange Eats

8] Happy Foodie

9] Tsinoy Foodies – All about food: restaurant discoveries, reviews, recipes and more.

10] Inggo Noms-  Inggo’s food adventures with his Beloved in Manila and beyond.

11] Filipino Desserts- Home of the best Filipino Desserts and Kakanin Recipes.

12] http://www.michaellibby.blogspot.com/ – Keystrokes documents experience and truthful reviews on food, restaurants, places and everything else under the sun.


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Featured Filipino Recipes

Kalabasa Chocolate Cupcake Champorado Recipe
Kalabasa Chocolate Cupcake Champorado Recipe
Tokwa Guisado Recipe Spicy Shrimp and Broccoli Stir Fry
Tokwa Guisado Recipe Spicy Shrimp and Broccoli Stir Fry
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La Paz Batchoy Recipe Pancit Canton Recipe
La Paz Batchoy Recipe Pancit Canton Recipe

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