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How to make Peach Sago Salad

When summer comes along, its hard not to get your energy drained by the heat. And what better way to fight the heat with a delicious, sweet, and refreshing dessert. No, we aren’t talking about Halo-Halo. Let’s mix up your cool dessert with something even simpler, a Peach Sago Salad Recipe.

Sago, or also known as Tapioco pearls, is in many Filipino recipes for the longest times. Our ancestors would cut down “sago palm” trees and process it to make sago flour which can then be used in many different forms. How innovative is that? And our Peach Sago Salad is similar to that. It is a twist from the regular mango sago salad we know of.

Peach Sago Salad RecipePeach Sago Salad Recipe only calls for a couple of ingredients and as well as simple processes. With the intense heat during the summer, you will surely enjoy a delightful and refreshing dessert such as this that is great to share with your family and friends.

Peach Sago Salad by Filipino Recipes Portal:

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The Top 10 Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper or Finger Chili

Cayenne Peppers are available year around in the markets, you can buy them in fresh, dried or powdered form. In the store, look for raw, fresh chilies that have a brilliant red color and a healthy stem.  Dry peppers are also available at the supermarket, especially health food stores.

Native Americans understood both the culinary and medicinal potency of this ingredient around 9,000 years ago. Cajun and Creole cooks, as well as those in Italy, Mexico and Asia, use it to make their dishes a little – or a lot – spicier, while Korean, Japanese and Chinese healers and Indian Ayurvedic traditions have relied on this ingredient for a number of cures.

cayenne pepper health benefits

Let’s take a look at some of the best Health Benefits Cayenne Pepper has to offer.

1]  Helps your Heart and Lowers Blood Pressure:

Cayenne pepper works wonders for your heart too and it can help stop heart attacks.  Cayenne Pepper (Capsicum) is said to be unequal for its ability to boost circulation and increase heart action.  Capsicum exerts a variety of desirable actions on the entire cardiovascular system. It has the extraordinary ability to enhance cardiovascular performance while actually lowering blood pressure. Capsicum has an energizing effect on the entire system. It keeps blood pressure levels normalized, and helps the body lower LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.

2] Helps Lower  your Blood Sugar:

Ingesting Cayenne peppers has been found to lower the amount of insulin needed to lower your blood sugar after a meal. The capsaicin in cayenne may help to regulate your blood sugar level. Some evidence from both human and animal study suggests that the Capsaicin in Cayenne Pepper influences the way that your body processes the glucose in your blood.  Further, the more often Cayenne pepper is included in your meals, the less insulin is required.

3] Helps In Weight Loss:

Cayenne pepper benefits includes its capability in helping loose weight. Studies have found that consuming cayenne pepper for breakfast creates less appetite, so people eat less calories during the day.  Cayenne is also a great metabolic booster that helps increase the amount of heat your body produces, making you burn more calories per day.

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25 Delicious Easter Sunday Filipino Recipes

It is Easter season so get ready for a weekend of heavy eating.  This Lenten season is usually a long vacation for the whole family and a chance to get together and enjoy a delicious meal on Easter Sunday. Most families celebrate this event in the Beach or Mountain Resorts.

I have collected here a number of popular Filipino Foods that you can share with your family.

25 Delicious Easter Sunday Filipino Recipes

1] Lumpia Shanghai Recipe is a favorite finger food by Filipinos, influenced by the Chinese and originally called lunpia; it is a type of egg roll filled with meat.

lumpia shanghai

2] Ube Langkasuy Icebox Cake RecipeNo baking required for this fruity-licious chilled dessert. Just layer some graham crackers, fill it with cream mixed with ube extract and condensed milk and top with ‘langka’ or jackfruit and ‘kasuy’ or cashews.

ube langkasoy icebox cake

3] Mango Float Recipe is easy to make and very delicious Filipino dessert, it is a favorite dessert in any occasion and the ingredients are not expensive.

mango float

4] Filipino Pork Barbeque Skewers Recipe is an appetizing food and everybody loves this, you can find it in every sidewalk here in the Philippines. Filipino’s eat this as a snack, a meal or simply as pulutan.

pork bbqContinue Reading »

How to cook Filipino Tamales

The great thing about food is that it flexible. There are many different kinds of variations of different kinds of food in different countries. One dish in Mexico that we have adapted here in the Philippines is the Tamales. Filipinos liked the mexican style too, but we also added our own flavor and culture in it.

For those of you who are new to this, the Filipino Tamales is actually a combination of rice, rice flour, coconut milk,  garlic, chicken, and many other kinds of protein. It really is quite an identical recipe but since not all Mexican ingredients are found here, Filipinos made used of is found here. And because of all the substitutions that were done, the Tamales has hit the right spot in the palette of many Filipinos.

Filipino Tamales Recipe

Going on a reunion, planning a grand feast for your family or looking for something to share during a festival? The Filipino Tamales Recipe would be a great choice.

Try the recipe and see for yourself how delectable it is.

Filipino Tamales by Filipino Recipes Portal:

Filipino Tamales Recipe Continue Reading »

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