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How to cook Beef Morcon

You see it on Christmas and New Year celebrations. You see it on birthdays and fiestas, too. Actually, it’s even present during Christening and wedding receptions. The ever ubiquitous Beef Morcon is definitely a beloved Pinoy staple!

This yummy meat roll dish has always been a part of special occasions for many Filipino homes. The tasty meat combined with the other ingredients (such as carrots, cheese, hard-boiled eggs, pickles, etc) makes this an irresistible treat.

For this blog entry, you will learn how to cook the Beef Morcon, a Pampanga specialty that has captured the taste of Pinoys and foreigners alike. Besides, this is a dish that frequently gets ordered not only in local carinderias but even in Pinoy-themed restaurants located abroad.

beef morcon recipe

Beef Morcon, by nature, is actually easy to prepare and to cook. However, marinating takes up a whole chunk of time and so if you need this for a specific event, you should start working on this dish at least one day in advance.

Here are the ingredients and the procedure for preparing your own Beef Morcon. Happy cooking!

Learn how to make Filipino Morcon from our video :

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How to cook Pinoy Omelet Gourmet style

Pinoy Omelet has been always a part of Filipino breakfast, it is usually paired with Beef Tapa, Tocino, Longganisa (Hamonado, Lucban, Skinless) or Tuyo (dried fish). In this recipe we will share with you the traditional Pinoy Omelet with added ingredients to make it more delicious and mouth watering.

The usual Pinoy Omelet is just egg, red onion and ripe tomatoes, but I’ll teach you how you can make it gourmet with a few added ingredients!

Pinoy Omelet Recipe

In cooking this dish we used our new Lock&Lock Hard&Light Marble Frying Pan that is newly-launched, this cookware is perfect for cooking small portions of food. This light-weight fry pan is made using Aluminum Board Hard Anodizing with High-grade, two-tone Dupont marble coating that is easy to clean and lasts long. The hard anodizing makes it sturdy and strong for lasting use. It is great for induction heater, but you can use it on a gas stove. The handle is rubber coated that can give an excellent grip.  You can find this in Lock & Lock Boutique Stores (see below) and leading supermarkets nationwide or visit their Facebook page (fb.com/LocknLockPhilippines).

Another good thing in using this piece of cookware, you don’t need to use a cooking oil when you are frying.

Go grab your ingredients and utensils and let’s start cooking this Pinoy Omelet Recipe – gourmet style!

Pinoy Omelet Recipe by Filipino Recipes Portal:

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How to cook Filipino Carioca

Everyone loves a sweet treat!  The Filipino Carioca Recipe is a good choice if you want to make a quick but tasty treat for the entire family.

Carioca is made of coconut and sweet rice dough (locally known in the market as “galapong”). It is quite easy to prepare and so it should be perfect for an afternoon snack.

Some foodies have said that it can be closely compared to beignets, its foreign fried dough counterpart.
The Carioca is rolled like a ball in the rice dough and then tossed and deep fried in a pan. It is then dipped in sweet coconut syrup to give it a distinct satisfying sweetness everyone has grown to love. After that, it is skewered to a bamboo stick.

Carioca Recipe - Filipino Recipes PortalCarioca can be a perfect idea for your family’s merienda or dessert. They are particularly popular among children, but many love the Carioca as well since it takes them on a trip down memory lane.
Also, these fried rice balls can be great to serve for big gatherings.

Just be prepared to cook a lot of them and be sure to ask for a little help. Putting these foods on sticks can be a bit time-consuming.

Carioca Recipe by Filipino Recipes Portal:

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